Character Design Challenge #50 Caveman ( My entry: Cavewoman)

Hi guys! This is my character design for the last month theme of the Character Design Challenge:
( She seems angry, who knows why ) cavewoman. I hope that you like it; comments and critics are welcome ! :)

March of robots 2018 #17 Big Red Robot

Today start the march of robots 2019  challenge! I'm working now with new concepts and robots ( I'm so busy but I would like to do all of them digitally) I have decided to posting today one of the past year ( I'm so proud because it was the first drawing challenge thay I have finished at all) I hope you like it! ;)

Character Design Challenge #40 Space Pirates

Hi guys! This is my entry in the Character Design Challenge in April 2018; Which theme was "Space Pirates". Digital with SketchBook software.  I hope that you like it!


indecentber 2018 #1 The Red Girl

Hi guys!
I'm so busy but here you can find my first indecentber..very soft! Maybe next drawings could be more explicit and sexual..Who knows? ;)

Ballpoint pen made in one hour with reference

Digital coloured version made in one hore with Autodesk Sketchbook Pro software. 

See you soon and comments and critics are welcome!


‪#‎indecentber‬ 2018 : Coming Soon :)

Hi everybody.

Im very happy and proud because this year I have done several drawing and illustration challenges, and soonI will show you my work, but now I want to tell you next challenge I will do ( If my real life allows XD ) : Indecentber: erotic and sexual explicit drawings; I haven't decide stile and tone ; and If I will follow the prompt list..meanwhile...

INKTOBER : #Poisonious, #Tranquil, #Drooling and #Chicken prompt list drawings

As I have promised, here you can see more in detail the first four draws that I've do last october for Inktober..I hope you like it and comments and critics are welcome!  :)


Inktober 2018 edition's works (I)

Hi guys.

This year I made a lot of drawings, and I will show you more often.

Here you can see my  inktober's 2018 edition; I hope you like it and I will show you it separately.